Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use real fruit?

We freeze fresh alphonso mangoes and strawberries.  Our freezers are full of fresh fruit frozen as it arrives.  We also use whole fruit that is responsibly frozen like raspberries, blueberries and jamun.

What kind of milk do you use in your Vegan ice creams

We use a combination of Almond milk and Coconut milk.Our Almond milk is extracted fresh  for every batch.

What kind of sweeteners do you use in your sugar free ice creams?

All our sweeteners are naturally sourced from plants. Erythritol occurs naturally in many fruits, Stevia is a plant. All our sweeteners are safe for consumption everyone including people with diabetes. They will not cause tooth decay either.

How do I order?

You can order online on our website or on Zomato. We deliver in Gurgaon, Delhi & Noida. If you order on our website before 2pm, your order will be delivered the same day in Gurgaon & Delhi and the next day in Noida. Orders placed after 12pm will be delivered the next day. 

If you have special delivery instructions or you would like delivery earlier or later, please leave a note at checkout in the section "Add a gift message or leave delivery instructions" or call or Whatsapp +91-8448267829. We will try our best to accommodate requests for early delivery whenever possible.

Tangelo is a sustainable brand and yet you use white plastic ice cream tubs?

We are responsible and sincere in our quest for sustainable living.  If we use paper containers for ice cream, these may get damaged as our product is frozen and we deliver across long distances. We use white plastic containers as black plastic can’t be recognised in recycling plants and ends up in landfills. Our containerskeep the ice cream safe during delivery and are reusable. They are recyclable and safe for the product.  

Do you bake your own sugar free cakes for ice cream cakes?

We have an in-house bakery for all vanilla sponges, chocolate fudge cakes and brownies. We ensure everything is fresh and sugar free.

Do you make designer cakes for special occasions?

No, we do not do themed decorations e.g. A Barbie Doll Cake, a Football Cake or Fondant decorations for a special event.  These require us to use artificial colours and preservatives.  Also all cake decoration techniques are not suitable for Ice Cream Cakes.

Can I customise an ice cream cake?

No, unfortunately we are not able to offer customisations anymore.

Is Pet Ice cream safe for my dog?

Yes, we do not add sugar or chocolate.  Both are bad for our pets.  Our ice cream has bananas, coconut and dates We are very careful and have had it vetted by Vets and many dogs including our own enjoy it regularly.We love dogs and would not create anything unsafe for them.

Can my child have your ice cream?

This question is best addressed by each parent for their own child. Our ice cream is safe, our ingredients are natural & plant-based and all our sweeteners are plant-based – Erythritol occurs naturally in some fruits and fermented foods. Stevia is a plant. We don’t add colours, flavours or preservatives. Children do enjoy our ice creams