We all love delicious ice cream that we can enjoy daily without putting on weight, messing with our fitness regime or eating chemicals & other hidden ingredients bad for our health.

Tangelo is a pure, home-style low calorie ice cream that has no scary stuff in it. We use just a few simple ingredients that we all have in our kitchens. Almost all our fruit ice creams have 30% real fruit that we source from farms and freeze. Our dairy ice creams are made with milk & cream, and our vegan ones are made with freshly extracted almond milk & coconut milk. We make both classic, old-fashioned ice creams as well as sugar-free ice creams made with plant-based sweeteners.

We use no flavours colours or preservatives. The colour of our mango ice cream is from Alphonso mangoes and the pink in the Strawberry from the berries. We use real Belgian dark chocolate & cocoa butter and bake our own brownies and cakes, giving you the lowest calories that we can in a gourmet & creamy ice cream with very little air. Many of our flavours are less than 100 calories and 95% fat free.

We love cooking, especially desserts, and many of our recipes are those we've been making at home for years. With Tangelo, we're trying to bring the ice cream and desserts we make at home, with ingredients we keep in our kitchens to your plates. There's nothing more wholesome and delicious than
"ghar ka khana" and Tangelo is just that - a "ghar ka khana" ice cream.

We don’t use eggs and Tangelo's ice cream is creamy, not airy. So every cup of Tangelo has more ice cream compared to other brands.  

We know you care about your health and we care about your health too. Ice cream usually adds 350 or 400 calories and is a cheat treat. Dessert with Tangelo can truly be an integral part of every meal and snack, making it your daily dose of deliciousness.

It goes back to the tangerine (bitter orange) trees in our garden. We love bitter orange marmalade, so we made tons of it with freshly picked tangerines from the garden.

One day we used the bitter oranges to make Belgian Dark Chocolate & Tangerine ice cream that became one of our signature flavours and that is how our name came to be... Tangelo. It reminds us of the beginning – it keeps us real.

Our Ingredients

The real stuff means everything that goes into the Ice cream is naturally sourced. Alphonso mangoes from Ratnagiri, strawberries from farms & other fruit sourced from high quality suppliers.

We extract our own almond milk & the chocolate is Belgian. All our ingredients (except the milk & cream in our dairy range) are plant-based. There’s 30% real fruit in every scoop and 0% added sugar.

  • Ayesha

    Fitness enthusiast, Weight warrior, physics nerd, engineer, management consultant turned passionate ice cream chef.

  • Pawan Malhotra

    Ex-Hindustan Unilever, Pepsico, Ex-CEO Mahindra Lifespaces. Loved, ate and made ice cream throughout his life (with his first experimental lab machine)

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