We all love ice cream. We all want to be healthy and fit. So sugar is out. Tangelo fills your life and freezers with sugar free, low calorie, vegan & dairy ice cream made with the real stuff. And lots of it – our fruit ice creams, have 30% real fruit or more. We only use the finest natural ingredients – real fruit, real Belgian dark chocolate, real milk, real everything. It’s all plant-based except the milk in our dairy ice cream. Our freezers are packed with Alphonso mangoes, strawberries and other fruit and nuts. We grind up almonds every morning to make our almond milk.

It began with my Dad, who’s completely mad about ice cream. Always searching for the best ice cream wherever he went.  From gelato in Italy to plombir in Russia. After he retired from his corporate career, he decided to all he wanted to do was follow his passion, so he began making ice cream at home. He drove my Mom mad for awhile, but then he got really good at it, with no compromise on quality. He carefully sourced ingredients from farms, from friends’ kitchen gardens and produced the most delicious, lovingly, hand-crafted ice cream.

Then came me, torn between eating the ice cream I loved and fitting into my jeans. Trying to balance eating my favourite foods, my ever tightening jeans and keeping fit, is a running theme in my life. Add to that autoimmune allergies and I began to seriously evaluate what I ate, finally going the plant-based way. That’s how Tangelo became low calorie and plant-based. 

We worked hard on it…replacing the sugar with plant-based sweeteners, cutting the fat, cutting the calories, while keeping it real and as delicious as ever. Nothing artificial. No preservatives, No flavour enhancers. No colours. Only the real, natural stuff with no compromise on quality, texture and taste.

Our Ingredients

The real stuff means everything that goes into the Ice cream is naturally sourced. Alphonso mangoes from Ratnagiri, strawberries from farms & other fruit sourced from high quality suppliers.

We extract our own almond milk & the chocolate is Belgian. All our ingredients (except the milk & cream in our dairy range) are plant-based. There’s 30% real fruit in every scoop and 0% added sugar.

  • Ayesha

    Weight warrior, fitness enthusiast, physics nerd, engineer, management consultant turned passionate plant-based ice cream chef (arriving at the Tangelo factory)

  • Pawan Malhotra

    Ex-Hindustan Unilever, Pepsico, Ex-CEO Mahindra Lifespaces. Loved, ate and made ice cream throughout his life (with his first experimental lab machine)

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