Belgian Dark Chocolate Vegan Sugar Free Ice Cream

The Most Interesting Tangelo Delivery

Tangelo delivers ice cream across NCR. Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Greater Noida, Gurgaon and all of Delhi. But the most fascinating destination for an order of vegan sugar free ice cream was Tihar Jail!

Yes, it was a simple phone call that began this saga. “Can you deliver vegan sugar free ice cream in 2 hours?” Here is the location…Tihar Jail. You could hear the audible gulp from the person handling the call. The phone was quickly handed to my Dad. It was early days for Tangelo and everything was handled from one location. He said we had the Belgian Dark Chocolate and the Alphonso Mango ice cream but there was no courier available immediately. And yes, there would be a delivery charge. So the man at the other end said they would pay. Could we order an Ola and send it by cab? We did just that and the ice cream arrived on time.

That was the first time and then a Police truck would come to Tangelo to pick up regular supplies. 

The ice cream was for a senior official in the Police who visited Tihar often.  He was diabetic and lactose intolerant. They learnt from his assistant that he was a fan of Tangelo’s vegan sugar free ice cream. They wanted everything to be just right during his visits including the refreshments. So every time a visit was scheduled, along came the Police truck to collect the ice cream...Deliciously vegan and sugar free!

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