Alphonso Mangoes arrive at Tangelo

Mad Mango Days

Our favourite time of the year at Tangelo Ice Cream has to be the middle of May. “The mangoes are here” and everyone stops. The boxes and crates of Alphonso mangoes start arriving from Ratnagiri. The air is filled with the slowly ripening warm scent of sweet Hapus. Heaps of mangoes are sorted and the ripe, golden mangoes are sent for peeling and slicing, ready to be used in our dairy and vegan ice cream.

Everyone in the kitchen puts on their gloves and begins. It’s something we all love to get our hands into. Just for the sheer delicious joy of slicing into our favourite fruit. Peel, slice, peel slice, peel slice...that’s all we do and the golden fruit slowly fills up our freezers. Every time we take out some frozen mangoes for our Alphonso mango ice cream and Alphonso mango sorbet popsicles, the flavour of freshest ripe Alphonso mangoes fills the air again.

Whether the it's vegan ice cream, sugar free ice cream, sorbet popsicles or ice cream cakes, they're all made with these hand-peeled and sliced freshly frozen Alphonso mangoes.

The “gutlis” go into large saucepans to make “Aam Ras” for the staff, and Mango ice cream shakes. A beautiful reward getting the mangoes into the freezers quickly.

When you taste our classic dairy Alphonso Mango ice cream made with real milk, our flavourful vegan Alphonso Mango ice cream, our Mango sorbet popsicles and Mango ice cream cake, we know the flavour and fresh Alphonso mango taste reaches you too!

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