Quality Matters

Quality Matters

To make fantastic ice cream, you need fantastic ingredients. When you’re making vegan ice cream or low calorie ice cream or sugar free ice cream, this becomes all the more important.

At Tangelo, there’s nothing we pay more attention to than the quality of our ingredients. Every ingredient we use, is carefully selected for taste, texture and nutritional benefit. After all, Tangelo is not just a vegan sugar free ice cream that tastes great, but it’s good for you too!

One of the ingredients in vegan ice cream is a source of vegetable protein. There are several sources of vegetable protein ranging from soy protein, rice protein to pea protein. Soy is popular but it’s a major allergen and the associated GMO concerns, led us to look for another source. Rice protein is an incomplete protein as it doesn’t have all the essential amino acids required for absorption. We finally decided on pea protein as it is a complete protein with all 9 essential amino acids needed for it to be absorbed by our bodies. It’s also hypoallergenic, free of GMO concerns and high in protein content.

That’s why all Tangelo’s vegan sugar free ice creams are made with pea protein. We chose US pea protein to be assured of quality suppliers. Quality matters after all. Quality and attention to ingredients are what make Tangelo a truly healthy ice cream that also tastes fantastic.

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